Our Stories

We are the parents of four children. Our youngest two girls both have Down syndrome. Hannah is sixteen years old and Tiana is eight. We are a single income family and so we were very disappointment when the NDIS rollout signts were announced, to find that we are the last rollout sight in NSW and must wait for another three years for adequate funding to meet our girls needs.

We are fortunate that Hannah enjoys good health and has good speech. Tiana has had a lot of hurdles to overcome in her short life, not least of these is that she also has Dyspraxia of Speech. 

I cannot express my gratitude enough, it was like winning the lottery, to be given a grant to help Tiana reach her potential. We waited eight years to hear Tiana say "I love you", and those few words have only come about through intensive speech therapy.

Thank you for your support.

Lyn and Glen Legge

Tiana Legge photo



My name is Margie Penn and along with my husband Mark, we are the very proud parents of James 9 (DS) and Will 6.

We have been very fortunate and blessed to be on the receiving end of financial assistance/funding from the Right Start Foundation. For us as a family this has meant we have been able to assist James in many areas of his development and health. We have been able to implement Speech therapy, which previously we couldn't afford, and are now seeing the fruit of this, as James is slowly starting to verbalize more and feel more confident with his communication.

James has had "many" medical issues that we have needed extra help financially for...specialized drugs/Dr's appointments and supplementation. It is an ongoing area we need help financially with, and without the Foundation's help, we would be going further into debt trying to provide the utmost best for our beautiful boy, to be healthy to lead a life of normality.

James attends special school (grade 4) and LOVES all kinds of music, dancing, singing, and playing (especially the drums and guitar). He expecially loves the Wiggles, and any other musical group on ABC for Kids. He adores our dog Louie, and they give each other kisses!!!!! He really enjoys drawing/painting, doing puzzle, swinging, jumping on the trampoline, and this year we hope to get him involved in some extra activities to improve his motor skills and endurance like dance and/or gymnastics.

A sincere thankyou to all the staff at The Right Start Foundation and to all the amazing supporters and sponsors who donate to help this organisation operate so successfully. Without your help, we would not be able to provide such wonderful medical assistance and therapy for our son.

Margie Penn

James with dog photo



The Right Start Foundation's financial assistance offered to my family helped us tremendously. It helped us pay for all our daughter's therapies that we can not afford and that she requires to help her later in life and as well as for today.

All of these therapies, speech, OT, physio and anything else adhoc that comes up will give her the skills she needs to lead a full and independent life and a life time of benefits.

Thankyou to everybody that donates and to the Board because this funding is making a difference for our daughter and our family as a whole. The marriage is not as strained and the siblings don't sense the strain any longer either. That extra money helps us to help our daughter.

Thank you very much.


We are extremely grateful to the Rightstart for giving Josh these wonderful opportunities. 

He has been out this afternoon on his bike with his brother and we rode around the block. He is so keen to get on his bike. 

Thank you again. 

From the Whyman family

Josh Whymans bike