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In May 2015, the Right Start Foundation Ltd and Community Links Wollondilly Inc. signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a partnership to provide support and services (therapists) specifically for families with children who have Down syndrome.

Community Links Wollondilly Right Start Project Coordinator, Christine Wilesmith looks after services and supports for children and young people with Down syndrome and their families/carers.

Subsidised therapies (speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy) are available through Community Links Wollondilly for Right Start families at convenient locations. Speech Pathology helps develop clear communication and signing skills. Occupational Therapy helps give children the skills they need to lead full and independent lives.

Along with medical treatment for children with Down syndrome, early intervention and specialised therapies can provide a life-time of benefits.

Support groups

Discovering your child has Down syndrome can be one of the most difficult times in a parent’s life. Many new parents feel lost and unsure of how to manage their child's condition as they struggle to find answers and help.

The Right Start Foundation has plenty of mums and dads who have experienced the highs and lows of raising children with Down syndrome. They understand what it is like to be faced with difficult medical and developmental problems. They know where to find helpful information. Each of these parents is happy to sit down and share their experiences, give advice or simply offer an empathetic ear from someone who understands because they’ve been in the same situation.

Don't just meet like-minded parents at The Right Start Foundation support group - but make friends for life with people facing the same issues and situations.

The Right Start Foundation Parent Support Group meets monthly. For more information, contact Christine Wilesmith, Right Start Coordinator at Community Links Wollondilly on (02) 4683 2776

Extended services

In collaboration with Community Links Wollondilly, Dr Steve Walker from Brief Therapy Solutions offers consultations for Right Start families. Brief Therapy Solutions takes referrals for challenging behaviours, parenting, school issues, attachment based issues, trauma, anxiety and depression. For more information please contact Dr Steve Walker